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In the province of Tokat where 38% of its area is composed of agricultural lands, all kinds of fruits and vegetables that can be grown in our country except citrus fruits can be grown. An annual average of 2 million 269 thousand tons can be produced in 82 kinds of products in total. It has been observed that 49.1% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector, and 18% of the total employment works in the food industry.

Food and machinery manufacturers have an important share in the manufacturing industry, which started in the 1960's in the Zile district and developed in the following years. The fact that the region is rich in agriculture and livestock products due to its physical structure and geographical conditions contributes to the development of the food sector. It has pioneered the establishment of workshops dealing with the malfunctions and maintenance of food manufacturers' machinery, and a development that extends to the revision and machine manufacturing of these workshops in the future.

Looking at the member profile of our chamber in general; The superiority of the members' fields of activity in food, agriculture and sub-industry can be seen. Agricultural areas have come to the fore in the city, and the industry has specialized in food and agriculture industry accordingly. It is observed that a great acceleration has been gained especially in the production of food, agriculture and machinery industry.

In addition, wood products, furniture and apparel manufacturing are among the prominent sectors in the region.

Marble quarries and natural stone deposits are also important for the region. Tokat has 20% of marble reserves in Turkey. It is obvious that there is a preferred beige marble reserve with its hardness close to granite, homogeneous color structure and solid block structure.

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