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Zile CCI fulfills the tasks it has taken on state responsibility in the best, most accurate and timely manner.
Zile CCI endeavors to harmonize its members and the regional economy with the globalizing world economy.
Zile CCI presents the technical, economic, social and legal opinions of its members to relevant public institutions, taking into account the needs of the business world and developments in the world.
Zile CCI ensures that all national and international information is constantly and regularly accessible and available to members in order to increase international competitiveness in trade and to accelerate productivity and economic growth.
Zile CCI attaches special importance to the establishment of university-industry cooperation with quality, protection of environmental values and the use of advanced technologies. It makes the business world conscious about this field and searches for resources and supports for incentives to work on this field, leads and coordinates the preparation of the environment in which these activities can be carried out.
Zile CCI takes care of merit and competence principle in its savings related to its employees by employing qualified and qualified personnel. Emphasizes education and motivation in increasing the productivity of its employees and keeps the necessary conditions for working in a healthy and contemporary environment.
Zile CCI attaches importance to social solidarity and cultural activities as well as economic activities.
Zile CCI publicly announces that they will work without distinction between media corporations within the framework of constructive conciliators and producer principles.

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